Apache Spark Overview

Apache Spark is a fast and general-purpose cluster computing system. Spark supports in-memory processing for parallel computation which is why it is pretty much faster than a Map-Reduce process.

It supports a rich set of tools like

  • Spark SQL             – Structured Data Processing
  • MLlib                      – Machine Learning
  • GraphX                  – Graph processing
  • Spark Streaming  – real-time data processing


Running Spark Jobs on Cluster

> Driver Program – The main program which initializes the SparkContext and launches the parallel tasks
> SparkContext object – It works with the Cluster Manager and acts as a bridge between Driver program and the cluster.
> Cluster Manager – Manages the resource allocations to the corresponding Spark Applications.
> Executor – Process that runs on a data node in the cluster and responsible for performing the parallel tasks of Spark Applications.


Source: https://spark.apache.org/docs/1.6.0/

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